Mission Objective

Sound Design Digital Post is an owner-operated post production boutique, specializing in the highest quality digital sound mixing for audio post-production. No matter the budget, you will receive sophisticated sound that makes the right impression by applying the latest high end technologies along with the latest gear for Digital Audio and Video. SDDP provides clients with more and better than they may expect almost anywhere else. This is why SDDP clients enjoy the complete scope of superior sound mixing services-all-in one convenient location. You will benefit from our digital mic-pre’s, various industry standard microphones to suite each application, well over an always growing extensive sound effects library as well as custom designed sound effects tailored and recorded specifically for your project, including ADR, Foley, M&E, and the Automated Mixing of the latest Protools HD system. The most important aspect of SDDP is every client is assured of receiving personal service that is dedicated and responsive all the way through, from pre-planning for production through post production. Listen and discover for yourself how SDDP services can make a sound difference.

Having over 20 years of experience, in both Production and Post Production industry, working in audio sweetening, dialogue clean-up, music editing, sound design/editorial, sound restoration, and recording services for various clients while working with producers, artists, managers, and scheduling departments to attain the most aesthetic results in the time allowed. SDDP offers the latest state of the art plug-ins, an acoustically treated room with various audio monitoring options: JBL 5.1 digital monitors (with advanced digital room correction to provide accurate mixes that translate from the mix room, to theater, to home theater), studio reference monitors, and TV speakers to fit each application and audience. With more and more consumers upgrading their home theater systems as the prices drop, they are expecting to hear 5.1 Surround Sound on Film, Blu-ray, DVD, Trailers, Commercials, and TV. Utilizing the latest Protools HD system, we have developed a technique for re-mastering and converting any stereo audio into the new 5.1 HDTV Surround Standard to meet any budget. We also offer DTS-HD, DTS, and Dolby Digital encoding. With today’s advanced visual special effects and graphics, listen and discover how 5.1 Surround Sound can make all the difference. We can take any Quick Time format and OMF/AAF/MXF from an Avid, Final Cut Pro or any other Video editing software/hardware. Also offering a Korg Triton Music Studio Keyboard for music composition with sound effects and sonic branding for all your logos & visuals. Custom screening room in a friendly client oriented studio with high-speed internet and the best gourmet coffee in town.