Delivery Specs

AAF/OMF Requirements:
AAF or OMF Version 2
AAF Format Preferred (OMF formats also accepted)
OMFI/AAF Files: embedded with media and consolidated
Handles: Please deliver all OMFs with handle sizes (pre & post handles) of at least 8 seconds
(240 frames)
Please INCLUDE all crossfades, panning and Volume levels, DO NOT STRIP OUT VOLUME
OMF has an internal limit of 2 GB on most systems. Consequently, if your OMF file is larger than 2 GB then export in sections,
where each OMF file is for exmaple tracks 1 thru 6 and the second section is tracks 7 thru 12, third is 13 thru 24.

OMF/AAF Preferred Specs:
48 kHz Sample Rate
16 or 24 bit depth
24 fps frame rate (Film Projects)
29.97 NDFTC (Video Projects)
*Please notify sound department in advance if OMF delivery specs differ from these.

Picture/Video Requirements:
QuickTime video codec DNxHD or Apple ProRes starting at the beginning of the hour. SAME AS SOURCE.
i.e.: 01:00:00:00
Use no compression, (1920 x 1080 preferred) with audio track embedded, preferably with isolated
dialogue on one channel, and sound effects and music on the other channel.
Burn-in of timecode: Medium type size (transparent BG)
within safe area farthest top center of Video.

Delivery Medium:
We can take delivery of OMF/AAF/MXF’s & Quick Time and any other required data
on any of the following media types:
Firewire Drive 400 or 800, USB 2 (All must be Mac compatible)
Uploading to our FTP site is also available 24/7.
Please contact us for FTP Login info.

Please Note:
The OMF/AAF must NOT contain any effects processing , merged audio or Video (video file must be delivered separately).
Dialogue tracks must be at the top. Any sound effects must be on their own tracks and not
mixed with production sound or music.
Music must be on its own tracks and not mixed with production sound or sound effects.
No video data is to be included in the OMF/AAF.
In addition to the OMF/AAF, please include a complete copy of the original production
sound recordings, preferably on a hard drive, and a copy of the lined script, even if it
no longer matches the structure of the film.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (310) 210-7133
or email at